Thursday, March 28, 2013

on my mind

a few weeks ago i discovered
the lizzie bennet diaries.
the last video aired today.
that jane austen,
she could really tell a story.
i like how they've updated the story,
made it make sense in our time.
it just goes to show you that
some things never change.
there is still pride,
there is still prejudice,
and we are usually our own worst enemy.
and in the midst of all those flaws
people are still just looking for love and understanding.


i've been taking advantage
of this week off 
seminary and school
by walking everyday.
(so far. no promises about tonight.)
my muscles are letting me know about it.
i had to break out the icy hot last night.
this makes me happy.


i bought a GRE prep book yesterday.
browsing through the math section
has put me into a state of panic.
i'm glad i'm starting this early.
i'll need the next 7 months
to get back up to speed!
stupid math.


i've been feeling really bored
and creatively unfulfilled lately.
i've been trying to figure our what to do
to get out of this funk
but i have no ideas.
i cannot wait to go traveling this summer!
maybe a simple change of scene will help.


this week i finished my twelfth  book of the year.
it's a lot better than i thought i would do
with school and seminary and all.
i've cut out so much tv it's unbelievable.
even more unbelievable is how much i don't miss it.
even when i try to sit down and watch something
i get bored.
i usually turn it off and grab a book.
i'm looking at this as a victory.


Natalie said...

oh my goodness: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries?! thanks for the intro, i'll be checking out of all my real life responsibilities now so that i can watch all 100 episodes! how fantastic!

oh my goodness, GRE prep book?! so scary. you are a smarter and better woman than i am -- as much as i would love to do further studying beyond my BA, the thought of the GRE completely freaks me out. again, you amaze me.

12th book this year? AGAIN YOU AMAZE ME! we've cut all TV, too, but i'm nowhere NEAR you on getting through books. i am pitiful.