Thursday, April 11, 2013

on my mind

last night our neighbors across the street
found a
in the gutter, underneath their garbage can.
not cool!
guess who's not going outside barefoot anymore . . .


my england trip is 56 days away.
all i'm in the mood for is 
trip research
and jane movies.
(jane eyre or jane austen)
everything else is intolerable. 


guess what i found out.
it takes less money
and less time
to earn my masters in the UK.
so there's that.


now that i know my seminary days are numbered
it's getting harder and harder
to put in the effort.
between school and seminary
i am mentally exhausted.
i can't think any more thinks. 
i just want to zone out and relax.
i'm very much looking forward to the summer.
(when i have to study for the gre - blerg)