Wednesday, May 1, 2013


well, life got kind of busy.

at first i felt kind of guilty about skipping so many weeks of blogging. and then, wouldn't you know it, i was too busy to feel guilty. so there you are. school and work and seminary are running me ragged. man-o-man am i tired. not just sleepy tired (though i am that most days), but intellectually tired. my brain is protesting. i just cannot think any more thinks.

luckily i turned in my last writing assignment of the semester last week (?) so all i have to worry about is a multiple choice quiz and two finals. (multiple choice questions make me want to week with happiness. the answer is literally sitting right in front of you! they're basically free points. i do not understand people who prefer essay questions to multiple choice. insane.) instruction ends next week and finals are the week after. i'm almost there!

seminary ends may 31. you better believe i have a countdown going. (30 days)

amidst all the working and learning and teaching i've managed to have some fun. the rodeo was this last weekend and i made it to two nights. 

we had a wedding open house saturday, which got in the way of attending the rodeo; but to be honest, it was in the 90's saturday and i'm not sure i wasn't better off where i was. it was an afternoon affair with shaved ice for refreshments. they were delicious and i had three. no shame. 

my sister had her baby a few weeks ago. another girl. coral celeste. they're coming back to fresno in three weeks and in a surprising turn of events, i'm headed to puerto rico on may 22 to help her manage three kids on the flight back. always an adventure.

following my short trip to the caribbean, i'm off again to jolly old england on june 6 for 13 days!! (another countdown - 36 days) words cannot express my level of excitement. finally! england!! i might not come back.

so, life is just clipping right along here. 

this summer is going to be consumed by vacations (puerto rico, england, shaver lake), studying for the GRE, narrowing down my choices and working on grad school applications, and maybe, just maybe, i'll sleep in once or twice.