Sunday, May 12, 2013

weekly happy list

- can you believe it? i can put my thoughts together enough to compile a list this week!! we'll allow this as the first item of happiness this week.

- coming up with the perfect comeback when your students complain that things are getting redundant. 

- vacation countdowns into single digits.

- plane tickets for england have been purchased. i'm going to england. I'M GOING TO ENGLAND!!

- chicken coop is finished. it is very grand, indeed! but every single person in our household is aching and scratched and exhausted. 

- being reminded that the day after i return from puerto rico is a holiday . . . more time to recuperate. we're traveling for 10+ hours with three children and arriving at 10:30 p.m. in san francisco so we'll still have a 2+ hour drive afterward to get home. i thought i was going to have to be at seminary the next day. talk about relief!!

- this week my mom asked, "did you see the jodi arias verdict?" to which i replied, "who's that?"  that's how detached i am from the universe. not watching tv, ergo, the news is kind of wonderful.


Natalie said...

ENGLAND!!!!!!! hurrah doesn't even cover my excitement for you. you will feel as though you have passed through the pearly gates of heaven -- it is that wonderful.