Thursday, May 30, 2013

on my mind

i'm dying to read something that just engrosses me.
something that makes me want to
neglect all of my responsibilities
and stay up unreasonably late
and skip lunch
just for a little more reading time.
those books are so hard to find.


my youngest brother is engaged.
he's getting married
december 21
in utah
then having a reception
december 28
in fresno.

you can read that as the entire family
traveling to and from utah
three days before christmas
and then throwing a reception
three days after christmas
and me not going to disneyland for new years.

happy holidays.


i still haven't unpacked from puerto rico
and it's time to start packing for england.
(i leave one week from today!!)
this is an amusing situation to be in.
i'm feeling like a real jet-setter.
honestly, it's kind of exhausting.
halfway through my flight home from puerto rico
i thought
you know what,
i kind of don't want to go to england.
it's the plane ride, man.
they're brutal!


i taught my last seminary lesson this morning.
tomorrow we're having the bishop's breakfast
and i have zero responsibility
except show up and eat.
(something i excel at!)

i'm absolutely delirious 
with ideas about the things i can read and watch now.
where oh where to begin?


i leave for england next thursday.
i'm blatantly stealing my friend 
natalie's idea
for a game for you all.
(seriously, natalie, it was so brilliant!)
i'll be instagraming pictures of my feet
from various spots during my 
travels and touring.
when i get back, i'll do a blog post 
of just those pictures.
whoever can identify the most locations correctly
without referring back to instagram posts
(you'll be on your honor)
will win a little souvenir.
if you don't have instagram on your phone
you can follow along


Natalie said...

read THE WINTER SEA - it's set in scotland and though i finished it in january, it has stayed with me since then. now that is staying power. also, THE THIRTEENTH TALE.

we got married on december 29th and there were loads of people who were angry at us for it. sorry it will ruin the chances of a disney new year for you -- i hear it rocks.

the traveling portion of travel is exhausting. i used to be able to handle red-eye flights no problem but not days, they are murder. we fly red-eye from hawaii back to the mainland and i'm dreading it something fierce.

SO excited to see your feet through england -- hurrah!