Wednesday, July 3, 2013

england: day 2

day two began bright and early with craig and i trying to make sense of the train schedules at paddington station to get ourselves out to windsor castle. we eventually made it there, but we didn't have as much time there to explore the grounds and park as i'd like. i'd like to go again someday, leaving enough time to relax on the grounds and do some browsing/shopping in the little village around the castle. the whole place is very picturesque.

the castle is very well kept, being one of the queens official residences. she was in residence the day we were there, but, alas, no sightings.

castle courtyard, not open to the public.

the queen's door.

one of the coolest things was the moat. they've transformed it into a garden.

st. george's chapel, within the castle walls.

you're allowed to take pictures outside the castle and chapel, but not inside.

weapons displayed in the entry.

gorgeous ceiling inside the chapel.

small alcove with stained glass inside the chapel.

i never was that good with rules, you know . . . 

it became a challenge and running joke the entire trip . . . me getting forbidden photos. i had two very willing and capable accomplices. 

we had to get back to town early to meet up with neal. then it was off to st. paul's cathedral for evensong and more ill-begotten photos.

the dome. 

largest stained glass window inside the cathedral.
evensong was so beautiful. (it's an evening religious service where prayers are sung by a choir along with readings from the bible by a clergyman.) if i lived in england, i would go to anglican services on the regular for the music alone. the way it echo's throughout the cathedral is divine. 

we wandered around a little after the service before heading off to catch a show in the west end. we found the millennial bridge and had a harry potter moment, and spotted the globe theatre across the river. (more on the globe later.)

thames river. collected a bit of sand from here to add to my collection.

that night we saw spamalot. hilarious. you can never go wrong with monty python. 


Natalie said...

windsor -- amazing. the turrets of it all! that garden shot is AMAzing. i went when i lived there but didn't go this last time -- we drove by it, though and could see the turrets from the expressway. that chapel ceiling - swoon!

LOVE your st. paul's column photo. that place -- i tell you what. so glad you did evensong. i loved that experience.