Saturday, July 6, 2013

england: day 3

day three we were spontaneous and decided to go to kensington palace. it wasn't on our itenerary. why? well, because i was traveling with boys, and boys have their limits as to how many castles/palaces/houses they will visit, you know. and so kensington got the bump in the planning stage. but then buckingham palace wasn't open to the public, so the boys were like, "hey, kensington is just down the street. let's go." and i was like, "well, if you insist . . . "

here is a little bit of advice. if you have a choice between kensington palace, and not kensington palace . . . choose kensington palace. their exhibits were beyond amazing. all three of us were really impressed. plus, it's right there at kensington gardens/hyde park, which is a lovely spot in which to find yourself wandering around aimlessly.

there were two separate exhibits going on in kensington palace. one was about queen victoria's life and included quotes and clothes and the like.

the other was about the time period between the glorious revolution and the end of the house of stuart. prince william died really young, leaving no stuart heir to the throne. he died as a child after several days of unconsciousness. the british crown transferred to the house of hanover.  the whole exhibit was very artistic, representing a child's dreamscape. gorgeous.

i'm glad we've evolved beyond dressing like this!

diana themed wallpaper

this was created by various layers to give it dimension. it celebrated the great exhibition of 1851.

after her husbands death, victoria wore black for the rest of her life.

around kensington garden.

peter pan statue. this is the one they used in the movie hook.

after kensington we headed over to the tower of london. we took a beefeater tour, saw the crown jewels, then wandered through the various tower exhibits.

"no photography allowed"

original castle

the rack

tower bridge

executioners mask

trying my hand at archery. just so you know, i was categorized as "dead on target."

unfortunately i did not get any pictures of queen elizabeth II's crown. i was surrounded by morons who kept trying to take pictures with a flash, alerting the attendants that there was photo-taking going on. amateurs. it was gorgeous. obviously it means i'll have to go back sometime and try again.

after dinner at wagamama (so good! eat there if you ever get a chance!) we headed over to shakespeare's globe to see the tempest. we had an authentic experience, viewing the show as groundlings. by the end of the night i thought i was going to cry because my feet hurt so bad! but seeing shakespeare performed in the globe exceeded my expectations by a mile. it was magical. i'd love to go again one day.

panoramic picture of the globe, courtesy of neal's iphone 5


Natalie said...

kensington --AHHHH -- love that place. weren't the exhibits amazing? it was like Anthropologie with a history lesson -- though the boys on our trip were totally underwhelmed, we girls loved it. still upset they didn't sell little squares of the diana wallpaper in the shop.

dude - the line at the tower to see the jewels -- did y'all have to wait in that?! it's as bad as disney in the summer time! way to be sneaky with the jewels shots -- you are so brave. and did you find that little chapel? the one that also didn't allow photos -- i seriously loved that chapel. would pay big money to get hitched there if, you know, i was not of my religious affiliation.

LOVE the panoramic globe photo. never checked out the gift shop there as we barely made out show -- did you see one there? i swear, i would love to be a buyer for gift shops. i would totally rock it. i went barefoot for half of the first act when we saw our show there because my feet were also KILLING me. groundlings though -- can't beat the experience.