Saturday, July 20, 2013

england: day 4

we only made it to one of the major museums in london. i could probably spend a week or two in london just visiting museums, but craig doesn't like them, so we compromise. i don't put five of them on the itinerary, he doesn't complain while at the one or two i do put on. (well, actually, he still complains a little.) i picked the british museum for many reasons. i wanted to see the rosetta stone and the elgin marbles, and i know from history that the certain people are less inclined to complain about museum trips if there are mummies involved, rather than paintings. we really didn't spend that much time at the british museum. i'd like to go back someday, perhaps a little more intellectually prepared and with a little less company . . . 

after the museum we headed out to portobello road, portobello road, street where the riches of ages are sold. my bedknobs and broomsticks loving heart was all a twitter, so it saddens me to tell you that portobello road was a complete letdown. it took forever to get there and all we saw was suspicious looking fruit and cheap trinkets that i'm sure are massed produced in china and would fall apart the second after we bought them. maybe it's because we were there on a monday, but i certainly have no desire to ever go back again. and if anyone asked me, i'd tell them not to bother going all the way out there.

(i didn't even take my camera out when we were there. nothing worth photographing.)

our last stop of the day was harrods. what can i say about harrods, except it's ridiculous and full of filthy rich middle easterners. like, diamond-encrusted-rolex rich. there was an ice cream parlor that sold a truffle milkshake for £19. we did not get that milkshake, but we did have a lot of fun in the food departments where i fell pretty hard for some sea salted caramel filled milk chocolate truffles. 


Natalie said...

the british museum and harrods in the same day?! the essence of overwhelming locales, right? so sad that your portobello road experience didn't bode well -- did you go on a saturday morning? i've only ever gone on a saturday morning, so perhaps that's why i love it so. oh the food at harrods -- so fantastic.