Sunday, November 17, 2013

weekly happy list

this semester is kind of clobbering me, but i'm going to make an effort to get back to my regular blog posts. i started doing the weekly happy lists as an exercise in maintaining my mental health as gratitude is one of the surest pathways to happiness i know of. also, thanksgiving is almost here . . . 

- my car passed smog with flying colors. i don't know why i'm always so sure it's not going to . . . 

- the weather is supposed to be in the 60's all week. finally, it's starting to feel like fall!

- GRE done and over with. 

-  soda chilled to a partial slush state. seriously. so good.

- caught bits and pieces of the fellowship of the ring and the two towers on tv friday and saturday, so sunday i popped in the return of the king and indulged. isn't it wonderful when a fantastic story meets a fantastic filmmaker? every time i watch them i'm just amazed by what was accomplished. 

-  fall colors

- i have not come down with the cold/flu that is spreading around these parts like a wildfire. 

- zicam and airborn for assisting with the above.

- i did really well on my midterms. 


Natalie said...

weather in the 60s is heaven itself. england, really, which is what heaven is. so there you go.

i want to hear all about the GRE. that thing scares me for all i am worth. it's like a tornado -- i'm curious but scared to death.

ah LOTR -- fim making at its finest.