Tuesday, October 15, 2013

england: day 11

on day 11 we visited chatsworth house and haddon hall. 

chatsworth house is another pride and prejudice house. it served as pemberly for the 2005 version of pride an prejudice. it's very beautiful and boast a fantastic gift shop. immediately upon arriving we faced a disaster of epic proportions. i took out my camera to take a picture and discovered i had left my camera battery in the charger back at our hostel. i seriously almost cried. i contemplated driving all the way back to get it, but it was at least a half-hour each way and i was already stressed about time constraints as it was, so i settled for using my iphone camera. (heaven bless every person who has been involved in raising the cell phone camera to the level it is today.) the real irony of the situation is that both chatsworth house and haddon hall have zero restrictions on photography. you can take as many pictures as you want outside and inside the houses. fate is a cruel, cruel mistress. 

chatsworth house

they let us play the piano. we drew a little crowd, and neal put me to shame.
i don't play/practice nearly enough.

i could stare at this all day. even more beautiful in person.
i just want to touch it to try and figure out how they manages the draping effect over the face.
just incredible. 

can you believe the eyes on this lion?!

haddon hall. i was so excited to see haddon hall i couldn't stand it. it's been used in so many great movies, the princess bride, elizabeth, and both of my favorite versions of jane eyre. (it is thornfield hall.) it dates back to the 11th century!

neal asked me early on in the trip which house or palace i would want to live in, given the choice. i reserved judgement until the end, and haddon hall wins, hands down. he chose chatsworth house, which is nice and all, but way too ostentatious and obvious. haddon hall oozes medieval gothicness and i am helpless in the face of all that atmosphere. i mean, there is a built in chapel with bats, for crying out loud. who could resist such a thing!?!?

my two complaints about haddon hall are thus: the gift shop was an insult to gift shops everywhere; and the grounds are not open for wandering.

as i walked through the house i kept recognizing places were scenes from jane eyre were filmed and could almost imagine myself in the movies. i kept expecting mr. rochester to pop around the corner. (sadly, he did not.)

haddon hall

lower courtyard.

entrance to the great hall.

stained glass in the chapel.

wall art in the chapel

great hall

dining room.

have you ever seen a more perfect breakfast nook?

gardens right outside the house.

a prime example of the gorgeous grounds i was not allowed to roam around. cruel, just cruel!

back of the house and gardens.

haddon hall and chatsworth house are both privately owned and parts of the house are not open to the public because the families live there. could you die of jealously?!

seeing as how i did not have a proper camera for these visits, i clearly have to go back. who's coming with me?


Natalie said...


seriously SO SAD i didn't do either of these things. but it's not as if i won't ever be back again. so there, i'll keep telling myself that to sooth my jealous heart.

AND WHAT?! SUCH A CRUEL TRICK OF FATE TO FORGET YOUR CHARGER! slings and arrows of outrageous fortune if ever there were. thank heaven for your phone. can you imagine if you hadn't had ANY photos?!

i cannot say how sad i am that i didn't learn the piano over the violin. i love the violin don't get me wrong, but the piano? it is the celestial instrument.

oh the marbles. gorgeous.

HADDON HALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mr. rochester. seriously i would never want to leave. ever. that wall of wisteria is amazing. that inner courtyard. that stained glass. those windows. that breakfast nook. the grounds. words fail me.

and seriously so weird/frustrating when you find a place you love so fiercely and are more than willing to dump insane amounts of funds into the gift shop and then to find it poorly stocked?! its so bitterly deflating! they should hire us. we would make outstanding suppliers for the gift shops around england and we would be required to live there, wouldn't we?! i might even do it probono. :D