Sunday, November 24, 2013

weekly happy list

- cardigan weather and a few rain storms this week. heaven!

- completely indulged in reading this week. finished off two book, and am currently tearing through burial rites, which i've been anxious to read since i read a synopsis in the spring. it is NOT disappointing. so good. next up, bellman & black, which i've also been anxiously awaiting.

- gospel doctrine manual lessons that are so well plotted that i really don't have to do any extra work.

- skyping with the puerto ricans. can't wait for them to get here next week!!

- challenging my professors grading of my paper and getting the extra points because she was wrong!

- it's teacher evaluation week!! i have never written such a scathing evaluation in my life, and it felt SO good. and i'm not done yet. the department head is going to get a very large piece of my mind before the semester is over.

- this week i bought the cutest faux leather vest with a detachable faux fur collar. it was love at first sight. my mother had the same feelings and bought one too . . .