Sunday, December 1, 2013

something to be happy about

once again school is getting in the way of me blogging. so in lieu of a weekly happy list, i'm offering up this little gem:

 i found it last year whilst searching for videos of hugh jackman singing, as one does . . .

honestly, it's the best version of this song i've ever heard. unfortunately there is no audio recording of it to download onto my ipod, so i have to come back to youtube over and over to hear it. i'll find a way to convert it . . . i will! 

welcome to the Christmas season, everyone! i've got my Christmas music playlists going on repeat, i started watching cheesy tv Christmas movies weeks ago, and i'm making strategic plans to view my favorite Christmas movies as soon as this hellish school week is over!


Natalie said...

OUT.FREAKIN.STANDING. thank you ever so for introducing this into my life. so great. hugh is THE MAN.