Thursday, December 12, 2013

on my mind

classes are officially over!
just a little bit of writing
and the entire semester is done.
good riddance!


i didn't note it on the last one,
but i've finished with my england posts.
we spent one more day in london
doing some last minute shopping
then got up bright and early to catch
the tube to the airport.

a few final thoughts:

our last night in london
we had a bit of deja vu
as we woke up to find a roommate
sleeping uncovered in their underwear.
this time it was a female.
quite large.
black underwear.

whist in merry old england
we ate at kentucky fried chicken once.
when i tried or order sides
they didn't have mashed potatoes.
they weren't out of mashed potatoes
they never have mashed potatoes.
even more curious, they do have gravy.
you can have an entire side of gravy. 
when i asked what you would do with gravy
when you didn't have mashed potatoes
the girl said
"i don't know." 

i saw celia imrie in london.
she walked past me on the sidewalk
when i was coming out of hatchard's.
we made eye contact. 
i did not freak out.
gold star to me.


it's happened.
i'm a full fledged whovian.
it's pretty bad.


this past sunday 
i taught a lesson on 
putting on the whole armor of god.
i brought props.
it was awesome.
nothing brings the spirit
like a long-sword in the chapel.