Sunday, January 5, 2014

weekly happy list

 - it's a new year. man alive the last six months had me running myself ragged. welcome 2014. let's slow down the pace just a bit, alright?

- downton abbey is baaaaaaaaaaaack!! finally!

- downright delightful weather as of late

- holding/cuddling nieces. 

- i actually fell asleep before midnight on new years eve. i woke up just in time to do the countdown and toast the new year with part of the family. it was a really low key new years eve, and i couldn't be happier about it. 

- so many days off of work between going to utah for the wedding, christmas, and new years. it's going to be a hard transition back into regular 5-day work weeks. 

- lindor sea salt milk chocolate truffles. they're so good. 

- the feeling of refocusing and renewal that automatically comes with a new year. for a change, i'm going to NOT make resolutions this year, but just adopt a mantra or two. 

- we watched the sound of music with my nieces (both the live version and the original version) and now the house is alive with the songs. we sing my favorite things and do-re-me and the lonely goatherd and it's so adorable to hear them join in and try to learn the lyrics. we also watched the music man. shipoopie was a hit.