Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. broaches. i feel oh-so-very-glamorous and slightly 1950/60's housewife-ish when i pin one on. and people (mostly girls) always say how much they love it and they wish they could wear one too, and i say, you can, just release the pent-up 80 year old woman inside. she has all kinds of fashion adventures for you to embark on . . .

2. pumpkin carving. i carved two pumpkins this year. one was a pirate ship and the other one was polka dots. they were both very cute and i received a multitude of compliments from friends, family and strangers coming to the door.

3. so you think you can dance is shaping up to be incredible this season. i can't tell you how excited i am that a krumper made it into the top 20 (his solo made me want to scream it was so good . . . i wish i could krump . . . alas, i am too white). but this week the pre-historic dance knocked my socks off. legacy and kathryn were amazing. i've watched it several times.

4. soup in a bread-bowl.

5. graham norton. every time i watch his show i laugh hysterically. last year mike and i caught an episode with elle macphereon in which they explored a german wool lingerie line . . . neither of us will be the same again . . . i caught his show on saturday night with guest michael buble . great combo.

6. pumpkin frozen yogurt + cheese cake frozen yogurt + graham cracker crumbs + cheese cake chunks = one very happy ashlee! (hooray for yodiggity)

7. keri's halloween costume. way to go all out.

8. watching "horror" movies on saturday. i tried with all my might, but it just wasn't scary. we were all giggling non-stop as michael was chasing people around with a knife.

9. seven brides for seven brothers. we watched it sunday night (we actually have friends who hadn't seen it before . . . don't know how this is possible) . it never fails to delight. and i'm still waiting for benjamin to come kidnap me . . . .

10. halloween. it is one of my favorite holiday's. (what is the matter with you keri?) what could be better than permission to dress as outrageously as you want and pretend to be something else and getting candy for it? plus there are pumpkins. and the primary colors are orange and black! and there is candy!!