Monday, November 2, 2009

on my mind

i hate how manic everything starts to feel toward the end of semesters. i'm going to spend the better part of this evening on a couch in the fresno state library. i'm trying to power through a book called exile to siberia. i think i would rather be exiled to siberia than read the book . . . it's that dull. but it must be done.

halloween has come and gone and i did not see hocus pocus. i looked all day on saturday and it wasn't showing on a single channel! what is the world coming to? how am i supposed to transition from halloween to thanksgiving and christmas without having seen the sanderson sister witches being destroyed by three children and a cat named binx? apparently i'm going to have to buy the movie and not count on television executives to exercise good halloween broadcasting judgment.

i keep waking up ravenously hungry in the mornings. i don't know what that's about, but it needs to stop. i am decidedly not a morning person and i get up with barely enough time to throw on clothes and some kind of an excuse for make-up. if i haven't thought about what i'm going to wear the night before and i have to pause for a minute to think about it, i will be late. dragging myself out of bed even 5 minutes earlier to make toast is simply not going to happen, so the appetite needs to get with the program.

i maybe have already started listening to christmas music.


Jessica Havican said...

Sad you didn't get to see Hocus Pocus. ABCFamily was showing it on their 13 nights of Halloween. Sorry you missed it. :-(

Louis said...

Oh, Ash...I LOVE YOU!! This post really makes me miss your guts!

Kristin said...

Hi, just came across your blog and had to say that I don't think you're too far ahead on the whole Christmas music thing. Christmas just feels like it's coming earlier this year. If it were entirely up to me, I would have bought a tree yesterday. Also just had to say that I love the picture at the top of your blog template! -pretty.

I have a blog that I just started last week, if you care to check it out-

michelle said...

Thank-you for letting me copy your blog idea, Ashlee.