Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. watched casablanca for classic movie night. what i wouldn't give to be as composed and elegant as ingrid bergman (or grace kelly, or audrey . . . you know, those types). and can i please have her wardrobe from the movie?

2. it rained this week. finally, it's really starting to feel like fall.

3. canceled classes = sleeping in. me gusta.

4. a few months ago we took family pictures and we finally got them back and, heavens be praised, there is at least one picture in which everyone is looking at the camera and smiling and it's not blurry and looks great. (why are family pictures always such torture?)

5. handel's messiah. it's a rare day that i listen to the hallelujah chorus without crying a little. glorious. thank you mr. handel.

6. babysitting afton for a few hours on saturday. i like having her all to myself so she doesn't get distracted by all the other people she likes more, which is pretty much everyone.

7. went to a ysa dance on friday night at which they played hoedown showdown by miley cyrus which was sooo bizarre and made me giggle on the inside for a really long time and when i text laura grace to tell her about the incident she was equally amused and her reply text really sent me over the edge. dang but that girl is funny.

8. making christmas wish lists.

9. had a meeting with a counselor at school to see about double majoring in english. she told me she was a "victorianist" and my heart said . . . yes ashlee, do it, do it. you want to be a victorianist too!! so we shall see . . .

10. the plan of salvation. i went to a funeral this week. this person died in unfortunate circumstances, but the funeral was one of the most spiritual and hopeful religious meetings i've been to in a long time. i'm so grateful for my knowledge and testimony of the plan of salvation. my heart was so full this week thinking of how much our heavenly father and our savior love us, and how hard they work to get us back. there is so much hope and love and joy to be had in this life. it is beautiful.