Monday, November 23, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. went to the so you think you can dance tour. glorious. oh how i wish i could dance my heart out like those guys. i bet it feels so good.

2. afton fell asleep while i was holding her. it was adorable.

3. forgot to mention last week . . . my car passed smog!!! yay! no repairs or anything. good little toyota.

4. let there be great rejoicing throughout the land . . . they have opened a wing stop in fresno. our family has missed it since we moved back from southern california, but no longer . . . we shall have delicious wings whenever our hearts desire.

5. cadbury has heeded the cries of my heart! they have produced a christmas equivalent of their easter mini eggs. oh joy! let the consuming begin.

6. potatoes au gratin. (everything sounds better in french)

7. new pj's.

8. nights in.

9. the cold/rainy weather afford me the chance to wear my wax-coated coat from boden and a pair of my wellies. i felt oh-so-british.

10. friday night i unleashed my inner 14-year-old and indulged in new moon. it was great. i understand that it's not epic cinema, but it is terrific fun if you just allow yourself to get caught up. we all need to be caught up in something ridiculous every so often. it's good for the mental health. (at least i think so . . .)