Sunday, November 29, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. my civil war professor canceled class on monday and wednesday (lovely man), and my russian history professor was furloughed on tuesday. thursday and friday was thanksgiving break, so no class at all this week. glorious!!

2. my boss decided to close the office at noon on wednesday, so i had two and a half days off of work this week. also glorious.

3. in my russian history class, instead of writing a final paper we have to review an assigned book in blog form with multi-media inserts and blah, blah, blah. horrid book on russian exiles (i've mentioned it before). i couldn't make myself read it, it was so dull. so i browsed it, and i wrote my review, but i've been kind of anxious thinking it was going to be crap compared to everyone else. we posted our blogs for review by classmates this week, and after reviewing 5 other classmates blogs, i am no longer worried. i honestly don't know how professors can stand teaching us. the blogs i read were horrible. most of the people can barely string together a sentence. one of them i stopped reading half way through because i had no idea what she was talking about (changing tenses, run-on sentences, using big words to impress without actually knowing what they mean). one guy compared the book to the harry potter series . . . que? . . . i think i'm going to be just fine.

4. wednesday afternoon found us putting up our christmas lights. and now they're popping up all over the neighborhood and the rest of town. oh, how i love christmas lights. (white ones, you understand. color ones look messy, but if that's all you have, something is better than nothing.)

5. thanksgiving. we had a houseful this year. 14 people in all (or whole extended family, except john, and the termeers and a friend of marc's). it was quite the tight squeeze around the table, but we made it work (tim gunn would be so proud). i must confess i whined about it a bit, but only because i really wanted to eat on the back patio. alas, i was overruled.

6. cheesy made-for-tv christmas movies are taking over the airwaves. life is good.

7. our fireplace is back in action. our family is a fan of the fireplace. we fight for the prime position in front of the fire. if you get up, you will lose your spot. and there are no place-backs or saves. you move, you lose.

8. i won both games of scrabble this weekend. yup. champion. it feels good . . .

9. gingerbread house making competition on friday night. i'm off frosting for awhile, but it was pretty fun. neal and i had a minor setback when our roof decided to not stay put, but we got creative with some gumdrops/pillars and all ended up well. my favorite was michael's fire pit with hot tamale/toothpick people.

10. we went to see a christmas carol (in imax 3-d, no less). it was amazing. i loved it. between the lights, the movie and the music, my christmas season has had the perfect kick-off.