Sunday, December 6, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. officially had last tsarist russia class, and maybe, just maybe, i might get away with not taking my final. we shall see after i turn in the last revision of my last assignment. o' to be rid of russia and never have to consider it's history again. (and to think i had such high hopes to start off with.)

2. we have begun the indoor christmas decorating. it's a pretty rough draft of what will be, but that's all going to be taken care of by moi later this week as gwen has flitted off to seattle for the week and left yours truly in charge of decking these halls. *warning* my mischievous self has been awakened and i'm looking forward to a game of "lets see if mom finds the thing i did that she would never let me do if she were here but she's not so i did it . . "

3. went for a lovely little stroll down christmas tree lane this weekend. do all towns have a version of christmas tree lane? how tragic if they don't. and here we sit in fresno, ca with two! christmas tree lane and huntington boulevard.

4.whilst walking down christmas tree lane you are exposed to several wonders. of course there are lights and santas and christmas trees and elfs (elves?). but on christmas tree lane you can also see optimus prime and bumble bee with santa hats, spiderman, and my personal favorite, santa riding a killer whale. that's a crowd pleaser, right there.

5. hats.

6. christmas crafts.

7. heidi and logan moved in across the street. they're mostly settled. *bonus - i will now be able to find my mascara where i left it.

8. first presidency christmas devotional. truth be told, i fell asleep half way through the first talk and apparently started snoring so someone threw a pillow at me to wake me up halfway through the second talk. but i really liked mo-tab singing "for unto us a child is born." that george handel sure did have a way with a tune.

9. one of afton's first words has turned out to be "touchdown." her dad is so proud. she puts her arms up in goalposts and shouts it out. mostly it sounds like "dou-dou," but we understand. also, she has started to shake her head no, which should probably be ominous, but it's still in the incredibly cute stage.

10. scrabble slam. it's kind of like scrabble and boggle crammed into a card game. it's on my christmas list.


AngelaBeth said...

I'm so sad I couldn't go to Christmas Tree Lane.. but I DID go to City Dances which EVERYONE missed out on because it was SURPRISINGLY (and I really mean surprisingly because usually I think the concepts are CRAZY or the dancers suck) good!

Oh, and you saw the bee!! On Saturday? That was my friend! :) He works at Applebee's and they have an apple and a bee on Christmas tree lane. lol!