Sunday, December 13, 2009

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. turned in last major assignment of the semester.

2. finished decorating the house.

3. 2 out of 3 pranks pulled off. one more in the works and i shall be done for the season.

4. sacrament meeting consisted of a copious amount of singing of christmas hymns. me gusta!

5. russian red lipstick by mac.

6. rain, rain, and more rain. keep it coming . . .

7. as of friday i hadn't purchased a single christmas gift. saturday night i went shopping, with only one idea. i returned home with 90% of my shopping done. and thus, i have my first christmas miracle of the season.

8. saw the movie invictus on saturday night. great flick. further inspires me to read a biography of nelson mandela. also reminds me why i love latin and poetry so much.

9. watched white christmas at classic movie night. between that and holiday inn i'm feeling inspired to buy an inn in rural new england and set up life there.

10. we went to see handel's messiah. oh how it inspires me. i was strong and did not bawl like a sissy-la-la, but i did get all teary during for unto us a child is born and the hallelujah chorus. it's just inhuman not to! everyone should hear the hallelujah chorus live at least once in their life. and can i tell you how much i love the symbolism of standing during the hallelujah chorus.


Jessica Havican said...

I used to go to the annual Handel's Messiah Sing a long in Fresno. I miss it! That is the start of Christmas for me. And you and red lipstick, I've always thought is one sexy combination. You wear it well!

Jessica Havican said...

oh and I would love to be VT Pen Pals!! I can email you my address, but the email I used to have for you doesn't work anymore. So if you want you can email me and I'll respond.