Tuesday, December 15, 2009

today i . . .

- took my civil war final (which i feel alright about) and got my final paper back (which i got an a on).

- talked to my russian history professor. apparently i have an a in the class without the final, so i don't have to take it!

- officially finished my semester. (let there be great rejoicing!)

- celebrated with a chocolate milkshake and chick-fil-a.

- worked

- went to my ward fhe christmas party. for the white elephant gift exchange i took a set of bump-its, which may not be that funny to you, but it made me and my friends laugh . . . hard.

- made a christmas wreath.

- spent the rest of the night by the fire, watching enchanted and making these christmas ornaments:

how was your day?


debbie said...

I love the ornaments.

SunshineGrrl said...

So I love the ornaments. I think even me, the most unartistic person on earth could make them! I'm assuming you buy the wood stars from the craft shop and the wire, but what gauge wire did you buy?