Thursday, December 24, 2009

what to do when the beastly boys shatter your grandmothers china teapot while bashing around in the garage . . .

i mentioned that my sister and i made ornaments out of my grandmas china teapot the boys broke over the summer . . .
this is how we did it.
you will need:
wire - 2 kinds; 16ish gauge and 30ish gauge
wire cutters and needle nose pliers
whatever you want to put in the middle
first, cut a length of the ticker wire. this will vary depending on how large you want your ornament to be. i used about a foot and a half. you can always trim the excess.

second, make a loop approximately 1-2 inches from the end, and then begin bending the wire into the shape you've chosen. i suggest you use something as a pattern. i used a wooden star i had handy. go slowly! after you bend the wire, there is a kink that is almost impossible to get out.

once you get your entire shape done, clip any excess wire. you can either make the ends meet exactly, or overlap.

now take the smaller wire and wrap the entire shape. i like to start where the two ends come together.

next, pick the pieces you are going to use inside your ornament.

start at one point, place the glass/china/whatever and begin wrapping with the smaller wire to secure the shards. as one piece becomes secure, move to the next point, working your way to the center.
once you get everything into place, clip your wire and make sure it's tucked in so nothing unravels. take a piece of the larger wire and make a little hook for the top.
this is my finished ornament:
we had enough broken china that we made ornaments for my mom, my aunt becky, myself, my sister, and my cousins tara and mindy. so instead of it being a complete loss, now we all have a little memento to remember her by.


Natalie* said...

LOVE this idea - thanks ashlee!

michelle said...

I love your heirloom ornaments. You did a great job on your tutorial. Your stars are cute, too. Thank-you.

Louis said...

Yeah!! You made one for me?? I am soso excited! You guys are so talented and crafty!