Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. two of my friends acquired fiance's this week.

2. home made soup in bread bowls.

3. pigtails.

4. dr. mario. i currently have the highest score in the house. (what, what!)

5. avatar. i actually saw it a few weeks ago, but last week's special edition top ten didn't allow for me to talk about it. faaan-tastic! i'm going to see it again this week. and to all those people who are knocking it . . . get a brain, and then get a soul. and if you still don't like it, well, i just can't help you . . . probably no one can.

6. i finally got me and the family signed up for disney's "give a day, get a day" program. we're making blankets which are donated to several programs around the valley. then we're going to disneyland. for free. (and if mindy is reading this, ummm, perhaps you should scrap your february disneyland plans and sign up and take your free disney vacation later in the year, like, october-ish when we're planning on going, and then you could still come to the beach with your mom! see how clever i am?)

7. i've been immersing myself in my national geographic issues these past few weeks. craig got me a subscription for my birthday. (ahhh, some people just get me.) in my secret heart i am a photographer/journalist for national geographic and i spend months and months in weird and semi-dangerous locations throughout the world exploring newly discovered indigenous people and becoming an honorary member of their tribe. (in my real heart i'm waaaay too chicken and homesick to accomplish such things. alas!) anyway, they're great. and informative. and inside they're advertising that you can get every issue from the last, like, 100 years on dvd/cd/whatever for about $70.00 and i'm thinking, seriously? that's it? i know something that's going on my next wish list.

p.s. national geographic loves avatar too. they told me.

8. it is january, ergo, it is now masterpiece theater classic's season. currently playing is return to cranford, which is so funny i can barely stand it and imelda staunton is a genius.

9. game nights with friends.

10. a clean bedroom. my room has been a federally declared disaster area since about october, and it just got worse and worse as the semester finished and the holidays happened. after i got back from disneyland i finally paused long enough to clean the entire room, including dusting. it's such a relief to walk in and not see chaos reigning supreme.


SunshineGrrl said...

First: I vote you find both of us a rockin' job (together) that we only have to be away from home for 2 weeks out of the year and get paid lots. Like we tour Europe and make a TV show of snide comments. We're good that that, right? Then we have our secret desire adventures and still get to stay home so we don't get homesick.

Second: You are officially required to notify me when things like Masterpiece Theatre happen. How am I supposed to know?!

Third: Pass said bread bowl recipe on...been craving those for about a year.

Fourth: Um, why aren't I invited to Dineyland, huh? Jerk!

Fifth: Would cleaning my room be considered community service? Seriously, you could visit, clean my room AND get a free ticket to Disneyland. Wouldn't that be pimp?!

I think that's it. That's it. For now.