Tuesday, January 12, 2010

on my mind

it rained today.
(hence, the picture above.)
i love rainy days.
i think it stems from a desire to make out in the rain,
which probably stems from seeing breakfast at tiffany's at an impressionable age.
further intensified by watching the notebook.
also, it's good for the drought that has plagued our valley ever since time began.
the farmers here need all the help they can get, especially since massive amounts of water have been held back so as to not disturb the smelt.
did you hear about all of that, in the national news awhile back?
absolutely ridiculous.
bollocks to the fish.
i had the intention of reading like a maniac over this christmas break.
but here i am,
a week and a half from the start of the next semester
and i haven't finished a single book.
i'm finally nailing down my resolution list:
- live healthier (which includes drinking less soda, exercising 4x per week, making better decisions in food choices, which will all lead to losing some weight, right?)
- read the bible, cover to cover. i found this nifty schedule that i will have to follow to accomplish this task. it's pretty intense. apparently the bible is really long.
- 50+ hours of community service. i'm going to try and do it at the local battered woman's shelter. i go for orientation this saturday.
- read one non-school book per month.
- travel somewhere outside the country.
- attend the temple once a month.
michael and i are in an ongoing battle for the highest score and level on dr. mario.
i'm currently winning.
can i express how amazing it feels to best a boy at any video game?
are there words?
and have you played dr. mario?
it's a game from original nintendo.
we are talking super old school.
it's like tetris, only better.
you'll have to come over and try it.
over the weekend i helped my mom lift a bunch of heavy things.
and then that night i went bowling and i had to use a ball that was too heavy because all the appropriately weighted balls were taken.
and now my back is punishing me.
this just so happens to be my 100th post.
isn't that something?



I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. The more old school the game, the bette! I miss nintendo... including Dr. Mario. I miss you and your fam. Hope you guys are all well!