Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. surrogate daddy/daughter night at the movies with david, heidi, sharon and myself. we saw avatar in imax 3d. it was viewing number two for david and i, but sharon and heidi were seeing it for the first time. and they loved it. because it's awesome. (i mean, it got the golden globe for best picture/drama)

2. i spent saturday night in and finished reading two books that i started in the summer (which i reviewed on my reading blog). oh how wonderful it is to read.

3. we have had particularly awesome food at our house all this week. we should have house guests more often.

4. i made creme brulee this week. actually, i made it twice. two different recipes. and it was delicious.

5. sharon and i finally went to see the princess and the frog and it was adorable. but what i loved the most was when that crazy witch doctor woman was singing her song and the entire ceiling was decorated with hanging empty glass bottles in a multitude of colors. my heart filled with glee and i'm currently trying to come up with an excuse to recreate it somewhere.

6. craig v. ashlee dr. mario tournament. we're pretty evenly matched when playing against each other.

7. i went to volunteer orientation. next up, background check. i have to get myself down to the jail for fingerprinting . . . it feels so very dramatic. but i'm excited to get involved.

8. it's been raining like crazy here the last few days. joy!

9. the news that someone quit smoking. you know who you are . . . good job.

10. i spent sunday morning watching sleeping beauty with afton. oh but it is my favorite disney movie. logan walked in and laughed and said "ash, you look so giddy right now." which i was.


Zion And Missy said...

I cannot thank you enough for taking my dad in for the week. :) It was such a wonderful feeling to hear my mom say (over and over), "I am so glad dad is staying at the Green's." Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have not seen Avatar yet, now I have to see it!