Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. e-mails from keri. way to quash the rising panic, ma cousine.

2. purchasing theatre tickets. this wednesday is going to be practically perfect in every way (hint, hint).

3. terminator: salvation night with sharon and mike and sara(h).

4. good friends who run intervention and provide back-up plans.

5. teasing and pestering. there is a good deal of it that goes on in our household. if you can't take it, you're not gonna make it on our family.

6. settlers of catan. hadn't played it for some time. i still enjoy it even though craig wins every time.

7. filing my tax returns.

8. patty griffin's new album downtown church came out this week. oh, how i love her. it's mostly gospel music, and her rendition of all creature of our god and king is breathtaking.

9. agency.

10. stealing a few minutes here and there for extra-curricular reading.


Jessica Havican said...

How is it that Craig wins every time!! He was the same with Risk when I would play with him. Grrr! One of these days, kick his butt Ashlee! :-)