Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. received a lovely letter from my cousin tara. isn't it just divine to get letters in the mail?

2. afton was feeling particularly affectionate one night and i was the lucky receiver of about 20 consecutive kisses. hooray for baby kisses.

3. movie night with sharon and heidi. we saw when in rome. cute, but a one-timer.

4. the next day sharon and i met up for an afternoon movie. leap year. also good. more than a one-timer. i will watch it again. and that matthew goode . . . . i'll take one of him for sure!

5. "ooooooooooooooooooook-lahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains." oh how i love oklahoma.

6. honesty turning out to be the best policy.

7. mary poppins. not the movie, mind you (even though it is stellar). no. i'm speaking of the broadway musical. we finally made it down to l.a. to see it on stage before it left town. magical. and the two principal parts were played by the actors who originated the roles in new york. i do not have enough words to tell you how engaging gavin lee is as bert (he originated the role in london, too). perfection. i was completely transported. i'm still a bit giddy with it.

8. since we waited to the last minute to get our tickets we had to buy the most expensive ones . . . which turned out to be wonderful because we were in row 8 and it's all just so much better when you can see their facial expressions. and, bonus, when we got there we discovered we got free collectors programs.

9. we are getting so much rain. it's wonderful. and, i get to use my cute umbrella i got for christmas.

10. sharon has agreed to be my new gym partner. it's so much easier for me to get myself to the gym if i know someone is waiting for me. it's all about accountability. she's going to keep me on track.


AngelaBeth said...

I looked up Gavin Lee and he looks CHARMING.

Also, I've needed a gym partner for over a year. lol. I just don't know anyone who has a membership at Yosemite Fitness. Guess that means I'm going to just have to start being responsible. Maaaaaaan.