Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. deep cleaned my room over the weekend. much needed.

2. chick flick nights at home with mom.

3. while deep cleaning my room i also started a little redecorating project in there. just a few thing here and there, but it's already made a huge difference. more plans in store.

4. we ordered my birthday present. it should arrive pretty soon. i'm giddy with excitment. once it gets here i can continue on with my bedrooom redo . . .

5. school started this week and i got into my classes. ancient armenian history and british history in film.

6. we tried a new resteraunt on friday night. delicious success.

7. the termeers came over for dinner on sunday night and let us celebrate davids birthday with them.

8. heidi has e-mailed us several hysterical videos of afton this week.

9. i finished two books this week. i'm feeling very accomplished over here.

10. the beginning of the week was unbearable as far as weather goes. (i think it got to 114 one day). but then . . . . curiously and welcomingly, it was down in the 70's adn 80's. dear fall, please get here.