Friday, September 3, 2010

on my mind

someone in my armenian history class stinks
like b.o.

i think reading copious amounts of classic literature
(bronte, austen, hardy, collins, gaskell, etc.)
has ruined me for modern authors
there's just something about the language
the formality, the precision, the fullness
i just find it wanting in most modern literature

the grocery section at walmart has won me over
normally i can't stand walmart
too trashy
but they just remodeled the one close to my office
to include a giagantic grocery section
and oh my! the selection is amazing
target remains my go-to store for most everything else

i cannot begin to describe the delight i feel in my soul
every time i enter my clean and organized room
i just want to sit in there
among the organized-ness
let it seep down into my bones

did you know the highest peak in the uk
is only around 4,000 ft.
that's more like a foothill where i'm from
so much for the scottish "highlands"

i want it to be autumn so bad
i want to wear my light jackets
and cardigans
and boots
and scarves

my birthday is in ten days
i keep having to remind myself
it's weird how it can fade to such a non-event