Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. weekend trip to seattle! my first time there. i'm a fan.

2. dinner at buca di beppo. one of my favorite reseraunts but we don't have one in fresno. it's cruel, really. if anyone wants to help a sister out . . . go to their website and request they open one in fresno.

3. it rained a LOT while i was in seattle which made me oh-so-happy. i wore coats and rain boots and scarves. a girl could get used to that.

4. grilled cheese sandwich at beecher's handmade cheese at pikes place market. delicious. next time i'm trying their mac & cheese.

5. booze cruise of puget sound/ballard locks/lake union.

6. going through the ballard locks. it's genius. they were explaining to us how the technology has been used for centuries. the lock gates we went through were based on leodardo divinci's design. they close in a v formation, with the point facing into the normal direction of water flow, that way when the water pressure pushes on it, it's actually pushing it closed tighter.

7. my armenian history class is turning out to be really interesting. i've learned so many things about christian history that i never knew before. loving it.

8. i saw in the heights while in seattle. it was good. not really my style of theatre, but i enjoyed it. but i always love the experience of going to the theatre and seeing a live show.

9. finally tracking down some apple cider.

10. the seattle art museum is hosting a large picasso exhibit while the musee national picasso in paris is being remodeled. we decided to take advantage of the situation. i'm not really a picasso fan, a little too abstract/weird for me, but i'm glad we went in. it's not every day you get to see art work of such esteem. also, there was a jackson pollock piece in the gallery, which i was excited about. i do like him.