Friday, October 15, 2010

weekend in seattle

for my birthday neal bought me a ticket to go see him in seattle.
here are a few pictures of our little adventure:

the view from neal's apartment. the first thing i noticed when we got out of the car was how good it smelled there. like wet pine-y-ness.

of course, we spent some time at pikes place market.

these are those crazy guys you see on tv throwing the fish.
the guy behind the counter with the white stuff in his hands is getting ready to catch one.
it's flying through the air, but it's too blurry to make out.

me standing in front of the fish.
it was smelly.

quite possibly the best grilled cheese sandwich i've ever had.
next time, we're getting the mac-n-cheese.

we dropped into restoration hardware for a look around.
have you seen their new catalog?
pretty much i'm designing the rest of my life around it.
this is the most comfortable couch ever.
do you see how deep it is?!

seattle skyline from our booze cruise.

the floating house from sleepless in seattle.

rain! lots and lots of rain!

our cruise took us around puget sound, through the ballard locks, and into lake union.
this is us heading into the locks.

getting ready to tie off before they let the water in and raise the boat.

the gates opening after we've been raised up to the higher water level.

we saw in the heights saturday night.
the inside of the theatre was really cool.
(aren't they all?)
this one was asian themed. the coolest part was the ceiling. it's a large circled dragon.
the chandelier hangs out of his open mouth.

it was pouring rain when we left the theatre and we didn't have an umbrella with us.
(apparently it's uncool to carry an umbrella in seattle. obvious tourist prop.)
we were laughing so hard. we had to walk blocks to get back to our car.
neal was pretty soaked by the time we got there.

we made an impromptu visit to the seattle art museum after seeing that they were hosting a picasso exhibit. (no pictures from that exhibit)
neal and i both really liked this piece. it's made from thousands of dog tags.

we didn't have time to make it to any twilight locations.
(next time)
but the museum did have a twilight-esque exhibit.
all about the quilleute tribe.


Natalie said...

SO AWESOME! i've always wanted to see Seattle and have never been, so thanks much for the postcard and magnet that arrived today - what a sweetie you are. and i love your hat, by the way.