Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. i've had the house mostly to myself this week while my parents were off visiting my sister in puerto rico. (read: undisputed control of the tv)

2. dark curtains that block out the early morning sunlight in my eastward facing windows.

3. my friend kristen had her baby boy. three weeks early, but he's healthy and everyone is doing great.

4. i went and saw red. oh my goodness - i laughed so hard. great flick. and can i please be helen mirren when i grow up?

5. a wild dinner at the termeers on sunday night.

6. have you seen the antoine dodson interview? i laughed so hard. who put these people on the television? way to keep it classy alabama.

7. re-viewing of north & south. (i {heart} mr. thornton)

8. it rained on sunday. just a little, but still, rain . . . it's a start.

9. my friend had her bachelorette party at a tepanyaki restaurant. it was very amusing watching her open her risque gifts in the full view of the public eye.

10. i've been looking into my family history. i signed into the new church website and found that people have been busy doing all the work for me! it was so interesting to follow the charts back and see where i'm from: england, ireland, scotland, sweden, poland, denmark and america (choctaw tribe). i knew about the polish, choctaw and swedish ancestry, but i didn't know about the rest. it was exciting to see. the "green" family (english) has been traced all the way back into the 1400's! i was digging around on the internet and i think one of my relative was a mayor of nottingham in the 1700's. nottingham!! i shall continue digging. most of my english relations were centered in derbyshire, which is in the peak district, which may explain the insane longing i feel every time i see pictures of the peak district. i must do an excessive amount of research before i finally get myself to england.


Natalie said...

PEAK DISTRICT - OH MY! take me with you when you go, won't you? :D
i totally want to be helen mirren, too. i pray to the gods of aging beautifully that i can echo her style when i am her age.

Jessica Havican said...

I think genealogy is so interesting. I wish it was a little easier in my case. I come from a lot of native american ancestry which means, that there aren't records that date back very far beyond the late 19th century. Good luck! I hope you are successful in your research!