Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. fall colored flowers.

2. i did the flowers for my friends wedding on friday. they came together faster than any others i've done in the past. and they looked gorgeous . . . if i do say so myself . . .

3. rain!

4. photo-booth pictures with friends and props.

5. candy bar. as in a long table with several different kinds of candy and you standing there with your very own bag to fill as you wish . . . yum.

6. primary program is over and was a great success.

7. hecho en mexico, glass bottle coke. currently being sold at sams club!! (dear american coke bottlers: is better pretty much everywhere outside of america. get a clue. change the recipe.)

8. one charming party. have you seen this site? i'm pilfering ideas right and left.

9. on monday my film class was canceled because the teacher was ill, but we had to watch the movie on our own time. the madness of king george. luckily, it was on netflix instant play, so i didn't have to run around town trying to find it. i {heart} netflix!!

10. we have the most outrageously large floral arrangement on our kitchen table from the leftover flowers from the wedding. it's pretty wild looking. i love it.