Monday, November 1, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. i didn't have time to make my mary poppins costume this year. instead i dressed up as pippilotta delicatessa windowshade makrelmint ephriam's daughter longstocking. oh how i love making my hair stand out on ends!

2. i made a cake for the cake walk. it was tiered. decorated like a crumbling graveyard. also, there were bats flying over it. it was the first one to go . . .

3. i also made owl cupcakes for the primary kids. i stole the idea from one charming party. they were quite a hit!

4. i was feeling overwhelmed with my school work for the past few weeks: a test, and outline, and a paper. but my teacher gave us an extra week on the paper and my stress level dropped immensely.

5. the weather is finally cooperating with the season. it's positively frosty at night. delight!

6. it was halloween. in case you missed it. i love halloween. but i'm always tempted to withhold candy from those teenagers who come around trick-or-treating without putting on a costume. you can trick-or-treat until your 75 as far as i'm concerned, as long as you're wearing a costume.

7. i made my mom and i headbands with bats sticking up from the top to wear at church during primary. they're quite cute.

8. someone put soap in the fountain at school, resulting in an abundance of bubbles. i know that technically it's vandalism, but really, it's quite funny.

9. masterpiece theatre is delighting me again with their reworking of sherlock holmes. have you been watching? normally i don't like the mystery series, but benedict cumberbatch is genius as sherlock holmes and his deep voice and british accent make me all kinds of swoony.

10. as part of my calling as primary chorister, every week i go into the nursery for 10ish minutes and sing with them. this is usually and exercise in solo singing to toddlers who couldn't care less. this week, however, everyone was paying attention and singing with me. it was amazing!


Natalie said...

alright, email me photos and the how-to of your mary poppins costume - you KNOW how i dream of being her for halloween!!

muzikgenyus said...

This post made me so happy! I loved everything about it!!! Especially 5, 8, and 10.