Sunday, October 30, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- wendy's chili

- saturday day trip with friends. it was a perfect day. really.

- raisin hell ranch: scarecrow's revenge. intended to terrify, but i laughed so hard and enjoyed myself immensely. i think it's safe to assume that in the future i can attend these "scary" halloween attractions without any apprehension.

- the primary program is over!! rejoice!! we may now sing other songs, including christmas music. yeah. i'm starting early. 

- went and saw footloose friday night. i was skeptical because i love the original but i must say, i was delighted with it. and now i have a burning need to dance myself into oblivion. (this is a common and reoccurring feeling with me.)

- fulfilled a childhood dream and went to the winchester mystery house. loved it! we're going back next year to do a nighttime flashlight tour and enjoy the fright night festivities.

- when i got to church on sunday several of the primary children ran up to tell me how much they missed me last week. it made me feel good.

- while in san jose we stopped by kara's cupcakes of cupcake wars fame. i had the s'more cupcake. amazing!

- my sister sent over pictures of my nieces in their halloween costumes. super afton and her sidekick super emery. adorable! i'll put up a link when she posts them.